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Guide Pratique de Baigneur dans les stations thermales de l’Aude

Guide Pratique de Baigneur dans les stations thermales de l'Aude20th century practical guide about the spa’s and sources in Aude complete with their locations, medicinal applications, mineral components and accommodation nearby. Featuring Alet, Rennes-les-Bains, Campagne, Ginoles, Escouloubre, Carcanières and Usson.

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Bulletin de la Société d’Études Scientifiques de l’Aude (1891)

N6304730_PDF_1_-1DM cover
Archaeological research paper from 1891 about many locations in Aude.

Les Dossiers Secrets

DossiersSecrets_coverHere is a scan of the Dossiers Secrets by Henri Lobineau, claimed to come from the Priory of Sion, by Philippe Toscan du Plantier and Edmond Albe.
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Le Serpent Rouge

LeSerpentRouge_coverA scan of Le Serpent Rouge from Dossiers Secrets.

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Dictionnaire Topographique de l’Aude (1912)

DictTopoAude_frontLocations in Aude with their relations and historic names.

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