200px-Blason_ville_fr_Campagne-sur-Aude_(Aude).svgAbout 2km south-west from Espéraza and over 4km north from Quillan is located the small but growing town of Campagne-sur-Aude. From 1147 it was under command by the Templars.

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Generic information

Name Campagne-sur-Aude
Canton Quillan
Arrondissement Limoux
Department Aude
Region Languedoc-Roussillon
Country France
Elevation min 239 m
Elevation max 560 m
Elevation avg 251 m
Land area 5.97 km²

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Historic names


period name reference
1156 Sanctus Sebastianus de Campanea arch. Het-Gar., Malte, Campagne, I, 14
1156 Campania ibid., I, 15
1216 Sanctus Sabastianus (sic) de Campania ibid., IV, 8
1319 Castrum de Campanha arch. Aude, E, non invent.
1347 Campanha arch. Vat., collect.
1360 Campana arch. Aude, G 2, f. 55
1373 Locus de Campanhia arch. Het-Gar, Malte, Camp., I, 11
1554 Fort de Campanhe ibid., I, 21
1571 Campaigne arch. Aude, C, assiette dioc. Alet
1781 Campagne c. dioc. Alet
Campágno vulg.